• Your film must be 119 seconds or less.
  • Produce your 1 minute piece at broadcast quality.
  • Consider your viewing audience – from mobile phones, to broadband to televisions, to theatre screens.
  • You can only enter material that is solely yours.
  • You may submit more than one film in accordance with the official 1 Minute Film Festival rules and regulations.
  • No unauthorized use of copyrighted material. (This is at your own discretion and we will not be too strict on this)
  • Submissions will be made electronically via our website only. All videos must be loaded on vimeo or youtube.
  • 1 Minute Film Festival will reserve the right to refuse any entry at its own discretion. Submitted material must not contain obscene, unlawful or objectionable material.
  • Content created to promote any product or service will not be accepted.
  • The exhibition and competition will be open to any global citizen.
  • All foreign language entries must have English subtitles.
  • No erotic or nude content will be accepted.


International Entry fees per festival: 50 Euros/Dollars for 1 entry. 80 Euros/Dollars for 2 entries. 100 Euros/Dollars for 3 entries and 15 Euros/Dollars per entry 4 to 10.


South African Entry fees per festival: R750 for 1 entry. R1300 for 2 entries. R1700 for 3 entries and R200 per entry 4 to 10.

Maximum of 30 entries allowed. You will only be invoiced for movies selected to screen at our festival.

Should you wish to enter multiple festivals in a year, you will receive a discount of 10% for your second festival, 20% for your third festival, 30% for you fourth festival, 40% for your fifth festival and 50% for your sixth to tenth festival.



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