What Makes A Great 1 Minute Film?

“The best 1 minute films resonate beyond 1 minute and effect the audience the same way any great film does. The challenge is to do it all in 60 seconds. You only have 1 minute to try and get the effect of a full length movie. For me that is remarkable!” – Thaamir Moerat MD of 1 Minute Film Festival.

Attend Our Red Carpet Events!

  • You don’t have to be famous to live out your own red carpet moment…
  • The world was like a huge red carpet out ahead of me to be walked on…
  • That red carpet has to be felt to be believed…

What We Stand For?

1MinuteFilmFestival is the international one-minute film festival that challenges actors, models, filmmakers, writers, animators, artists, designers, and creative producers to develop and submit the world’s best one-minute films. Our aim is to create a global platform for upcoming ‘film-making’ entrepreneurs in the movie industry to get some exposure and recognition for their work.

10 Entries Or More!

As part of our objective to promote and give maximum exposure to film makers, we have a special screening slot for anymore who would like to enter 10 or more movies!

Should you wish to enter 10 or more movies, you can contact us for a special slot at our festival where your movies will screen one after the other to a global audience. This is open to anyone so take advantage of this offer.

Anyone can be on the Big Screen!

Special Offer!

Should you wish to enter multiple festivals in a year, you will receive a discount of 10% for your second festival, 20% for your third festival, 30% for you fourth festival, 40% for your fifth festival and 50% for your sixth to tenth festival.
The Genres are:

Drama – Romance – Action – Comedy – Horror – Documentary – Performance – Animation – Movie Trailers – Paid Commercial – Fashion

Awards will be given for best movie in each category as well as:

Best Overall Movie – 1st Place – 2nd Place – 3rd Place

Best Actor and Actress

Best Cinematography

Best Director

Best Writer

Young Film Makers Award

Creativity Award

Best Special Effects

Best Costume Design

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